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El Paso Personal Injury Lawyer

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Carabin Shaw attorneys see multiple types of personal injuries throughout the state of Texas. Our El Paso accident lawyers are trained to deal specifically with traffic accidents and collisions; work accidents and incidents; medical malpractice; tripping and slip-and-fall accidents; assault; and defective or faulty products.

Traffic Accidents and Collisions

Car or truck accidents are quite common, especially in busy metropolitan areas. A Carabin Shaw El Paso, Texas personal injury attorney sees these types of accidents most often. Yet, personal injury victims in these types of cases are usually less inclined to contact an attorney. Their assumption is often that insurance will cover any and all damages, despite the fact that insurance companies are notoriously frustrating to deal with and typically have only their best interest in mind. The reality is that an experienced Carabin Shaw personal injury attorney serving El Paso can help not only with any legal claims but also with advising and counseling you or a loved one on how to navigate the messy world of insurance claims.

How to Seek Compensation After Work Accidents and Incidents

Except in rare instances (e.g.,  contractual work), most accidents that occur at the workplace are handled through workers’ compensation, commonly called “workers’ comp.” Any claim will thus need to be handled through Texas’ workers’ compensation program with the Department of Insurance, which requires that employers provide benefits to anyone injured while at work. These benefits may include wages, lump-sum payments, or medical treatment coverage.

Workers’ compensation claims are another type of personal injury claim that many individuals think they must handle on their own. The reality is that there are experienced workers’ comp attorneys, including the Carabin Shaw El Paso personal injury lawyer, who can help you navigate Texas workers’ compensation and file your claim for you.

What to Do About Medical Malpractice

Quality medical care aids sick or injured people. Unfortunately, however, medical care can also harm a patient. Medical malpractice occurs when a medical professional injures or harms a patient through negligent or omitted care. Though medical care has improved greatly over the last century, the fact remains that some people are hurt when they seek the help of those who should “do no harm.” Medical malpractice cases generally include a violation of standards of care, clear negligence, and significant injury. These types of cases can be quite expensive,  but you or a loved one should not have to endure the negative consequences of medical malpractice.

Tripping or Slip-and-Fall Accidents: Defining Premises Liability

Though slip-and-fall accidents that occur at an individual’s place of work are workplace accidents, most of these dangerous mishaps fall under a concept called “premises liability.” This means that the upkeep of a piece of property (whether privately or publicly owned) failed to adequately prevent the likelihood of someone slipping and falling. While these types of accidents may often appear in sketch comedy, the damage that can result from falling head first on concrete is no laughing matter. Our personal injury lawyer in El Paso can help you receive compensation for any damages that have resulted from a premises liability slip-and-fall case.

Moving Forward After an Assault

People often think that instances of assault and battery are the province of only criminal cases. However, these cases are also fit for civil court. The fact is that assault and battery can result in significant damages, such as expensive hospital bills and having to take time off from work. A criminal case alone will not help survivors of assault cover the potential costs that result from being assaulted. A Carabin Shaw personal injury attorney in El Paso will support you as you navigate both the criminal and civil aspects of your assault cases. They will make sure that you won’t go bankrupt due to an assault.

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Defective Products

Dangerous and defective products can cause serious harm. Likewise, faulty instructions or warnings can also lead to injury. If a party, like a manufacturer or product distributor, is responsible for unnecessary exposure to dangerous or defective products, they may be liable for any injury that could occur. If a hazardous or defective product harmed you, a lawyer who handles personal injury in El Paso, Texas can help.

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As there are multiple other types of personal injury, this list is by no means comprehensive. Even if we did not address your specific concern here, you should seek the help of an expert attorney if you believe you have experienced a personal injury. Call the El Paso law offices of Carabin Shaw today to schedule a free consultation at 1-800-862-1260.

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