5 Things to Know Before You Sign Any Post-Accident Paperwork

Accidents caused by the negligence of another often result in serious personal injuries and costly property damage. This is mainly the case in the aftermath of an automobile accident. A person who is the victim of injuries and property damages due to an accident must keep five factors in mind before any paperwork is signed following the incident. More on this website

1. The Importance of an Independent Investigation.

A key factor to remember before signing any post-accident paperwork is the necessity to undertake an independent investigation of matters related to the incident. In other words, a person facing the prospect of signing these documents cannot rely exclusively on what an insurance company representative conveys, including an attorney.

2. Evaluate the True Extent of Losses.

Before executing any paperwork following an accident, an individual must thoroughly evaluate the extent of his or her losses. In most cases, this is best accomplished by retaining the services of an experienced attorney, like those in a firm specializing in personal injury law. Examples of losses a person experiences in the aftermath of an accident include medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. In addition, these types of losses may continue into the future. A person may continue to incur medical expenses, experience pain and suffering, and lose wages long after the accident.

3. Paperwork can Constitute a Binding Agreement.

A person facing the prospect of signing post-accident paperwork must understand that these documents may include binding agreements. By way of example, a person may be presented with a document that constitutes a waiver of certain rights that otherwise exist. For this reason, each document must be closely and carefully read before signing.

4. Understand the Statute of Limitations.

Each state maintains a law called the statute of limitations that establishes a specific time frame in which a person must file a lawsuit for injuries arising from an accident. If a lawsuit is not filed within that time period, a person typically is forever precluded from pursuing one. When dealing with paperwork, a person must be well aware of this time frame so that he or she does not agree to anything that potentially creates a situation in which he or she will not be able to meet the requirements of the statute of limitations.

5. The Value of Professional Assistance.

Because a person has a great deal at stake following an accident, the value of obtaining professional legal assistance should never be underestimated. An experienced attorney understands what needs to be done to protect a person’s interests, including when it comes to the myriad of paperwork associated with an accident.

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