Car Accident Lawyer Explains Texas Automobile Accident Litigation

In Texas with its wide-open roads, automobile accidents are too frequent. If you’ve been in a wreck, you may have questions about how to protect your rights and recover for your damages. The following article by our car accident lawyers is offered to provide some elementary information that will help you with your claim.

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This article explains how you can decide if you have a proper claim against others involved in the wreck, what effect an insurance policy may have, and situations where you need to engage a car accident lawyer. In Texas where our people rely on our automobiles, you want to recover and get back on the road as soon as possible. In addition, this web article will help you better know the proper selection of a car accident lawyer. Our Law Office invites you to read this.

Note that this article applies to elementary issues in a complicated area of the law. In general, the process of getting compensation for damages sustained in an automobile accident is not simple. A positive outcome usually requires having a strong advocate with knowledge and experience. It is very rare that a wreck victim may be able to properly manage their own claims without the assistance of car accident lawyers. Our car accident lawyers know that those who choose this path are at a high risk of not recovering all that your claim is really worth. For best results, a wreck victim must at least consult a lawyer regarding your claim. If you have questions about your specific situation, you can contact our Law Office and we will even offer a free consultation.

The Usual Impact of Insurance on Your Claim

The end outcome, and the legal process surrounding your claim, can be significantly affected if an insurance firm is involved. In Texas, by law, all drivers must have responsibility insurance for their vehicles. Unfortunately, not all drivers have chosen to obey the law and they drive while not insured. The driver may be personally responsible for the payment of damages related to your disability if he is found responsible for having caused the wreck and if that driver is not insured or if you do not have uninsured motorist coverage in your insurance plan. In this situation, the defendant presents a problem of solvency. Insolvency means that a party does not have enough money for the amount due.

One thing to note is that often when a driver who is solvent causes a wreck, the driver sometimes tries to hide assets in an attempt to appear insolvent. When the driver is intentionally trying to avoid paying the compensation they must under the guise of insolvency, it can be extremely important to engage a knowledgeable car wreck lawyer. The car accident lawyers at our Law Office are aware of things different solvent drivers use to avoid payment and how to identify the defendant’s assets in your claim. If the defendant in your claim has something to hide, our firm can find it.

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There are different concerns when the defendant in an automobile accident claim is properly insured. In most cases where the party who is to blame for having caused the wreck is covered, the insurance firm, rather than the driver, is responsible for the payment of compensation requested by you. If an insurance firm is involved, bankruptcy is not usually a matter of great concern since insurance firms should have funds to compensate you with. However, other concerns can sometimes arise when insurance firms are involved. It is important to note that insurance firms do not help others unless they have to, and that is not in their best interest to pay everything you may be entitled to. Usually, insurance firms have plenty of resources at their disposal to use to save themselves money. They employ adjusters, wreck recreation specialists, researchers, and lawyers specializing in insurance litigation to work against you. All of these experts who are working for an insurance firm may refuse your request in full or pay you as little as possible. In order to retrieve the proper compensation, it is important to have someone by your side who knows what they are doing and can avoid the tricks of the trade.

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