Experience Matters When it comes to your 18-Wheeler Wreck

Almost any firm will gladly take your truck accident case. Many of them will be the “jack of all trades master of none” firms. But how many of them can honestly say that they have the experience you need in handling 18-wheeler and other commercial vehicle accident cases successfully?18 wheeler accident attorneys

On the other hand, the experienced Texas truck and commercial vehicle accident lawyers of our Law Office have been practicing truck accident litigation for the past 20 years and have won hundreds of these cases.

Commercial vehicles come in many forms and sizes. We have successfully litigated personal injury and/or wrongful death claims against rock haulers, dump trucks, all sorts of construction vehicles, moving vans, buses, tankers, and many other types and configurations of commercial vehicles. And despite the variety of commercial vehicles, we’ve learned that these types of cases usually have several common denominators:

Commercial vehicles are generally larger and can inflict more harm than passenger cars.
Commercial vehicle injury cases are governed by different laws than those surrounding passenger vehicles.
Lastly, and most importantly, they are owned by powerful corporate (or government) entities that mount aggressive defenses and deny fair plaintiff fair compensation at every turn.
Because of these prominent obstacles, in order for your commercial vehicle accident case to have the best chance of success, you must select a law firm that has the experience, resources, knowledge, and above all, the no-nonsense reputation to beat the opposition at trial or to force them to fairly settle a case that they would normally exert great expense and effort in order to avoid paying.

When you choose our Law Office to represent you in your Texas commercial vehicle accident case, you benefit from our two-plus decades of experience. Our attorneys have hundreds of truck accident victories (and thousands of successful personal injury cases) under our belts.

Below, you will find a great deal of useful information that explains the unique nuances of a commercial vehicle accident case and learn some of the major obstacles to successful recovery that we will help you overcome.truck accident lawyer

Our 18-Wheeler Truck Attorney is on Your Side

Recovering your losses after a crash with an 18-wheeler is not an automatic nor easy task, even if it obvious to you that you were not at fault in the crash. By law, the defendant is presumed innocent and does not owe you anything. This basically means that to win anything you will have to fight for your rights and prove the defendant’s liability in court.

The harsh reality is that unrepresented victims from these horrific accidents rarely ever recover anywhere near what the true value of their claim is worth. It is certainly well worth noting here that having an experienced trucking accident attorney on your side may mean the difference between winning a large and generous settlement and winning little or nothing at all. You will increase your chances of winning your case and your settlement if you do fully understand your rights and do have that skilled attorney on your team. This article was written by the personal injury attorneys at our Law Office to discuss the basics of 18-wheeler accident litigation and to review with you your legal rights.

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