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How to Successfully Demonstrate the Value of Your Claim by Proving the Extent of Your Injuries

In many personal injury cases the plaintiff has the burden of proving their injuries to the jury. The plaintiff will present their case and make two types of claims. The first claim is regarding the liability of the defendant and the second claim is proving the damages for your injuries. This article will discuss proving your damages for your injuries to the jury.

There are challenges in proving damages to the jury. The best and most effective way to prove your injuries to a jury is to choose an experienced personal injury attorney that will successfully show the jury that the injuries you suffered were caused by the defendant.car accident attorneys

What do You Have to Prove?

A lot of people think that they have to prove that the injury occurred. The goal is to prove the extent of the injury. Let’s conduct a thought experiment, if I tell you my client suffered a broken leg; what is that broken leg is worth? Think about the first number that comes to your mind for a moment. Now consider this, our firm is litigating two separate cases where the clients have suffered a broken leg. However, in case number one, the client suffered a simple fracture and only needed a cast to repair the injury, and in case number two the client’s femur was shattered. To repair client number two’s leg, he needed to have surgery, which consisted of titanium plates, multiple screws installed, and an external metal frame that was drilled in through his skin and into his bone for a period of nine months.

Now, after hearing the description of these two clients is the number that came to your mind the same for both? The point here is that not all injuries are the same and in order to get ample compensation, your attorney must do an adequate job explaining the extent of your injuries.

What Techniques are Needed to Prove Your Injuries?

There are several techniques that can be used to present your injuries to a jury. Here are a few examples an experienced attorney can use to present your injuries to a jury:

A graphic description outlined by a qualified doctor for the jury to see;
Visual aids that literally illustrates the extent of the injury; and
A journal can be presented that was made by the client and talks about the ordeal of their injuries from beginning to end.
Anything less is not sufficient.

Putting a Number on the Injuries

A plaintiff who lets a jury guess about the cost of repairing his injuries is doing himself a disservice. The plaintiff must provide expert testimony that optimizes the extent of their injuries. For instance, for a client who suffered a broken arm, the medical bills are X amount of dollars. Because of the extent of the injuries the clients loss of income is a Y amount of dollars and also the future medical expenses that will incur are Z amount of dollars.

In order for a jury to understand and relate, you will need to spell it out to receive the compensation you need. You will also need to quantify your pain and suffering and the things that the jury can’t see.

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